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Backpack Sprayer

Backpack Sprayer

4 Hole Adjustable Spray Tip

Part# Description
BPS-405 4.1 Gallon Capacity, 15-90 PSI
BPS-400K Repair Kit
  • Features

  • - Two standard spray tips and two bonus spray tips. Choose between the flat fan a conical spray tip or the BONUS 4-hole adjustable spray tip or dual conical tip,
  • - Ergonomically designed tank.
  • - Wide-mouthed tank lid opening for less spillage.
  • - Easily convert from left hand to right hand operation.
  • - Lever action piston pump.
  • - Built-in carry handle lid for easy transport.
  • - Lance clips to side of tank for convenient storage.
  • - Built-in strainers and screen to help prevent clogging.
  • - Quick fitting shoulder harness.
  • - Quality Viton seals.
  • - Complete spare parts kit.
Viton O-Ring Seals

Comes with quality Viton seals.


Tools and Spare Parts for Backpack Sprayer

Comes with spare parts.

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