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Fluid Accessories and Chemical

Pressure Washer Chemicals

Pressure Washer Chemicals

Each bottle features peg hook caps and each 6 oz container makes 2 gallons of soap. All detergent is sold in 10 pack cases.


  • - An economical detergent choice.
  • - Use for larger cleaning jobs.
  • - Ideal for pressure washing
  • House & Siding

  • - All-purpose house cleaner – Ideal for cleaning vinyl, concrete, roofing, patio furniture, & synthetic decks.
  • - Helps remove unsightly mold & mildew stains.
  • - Cleans well on all types of siding, wood finishes, aluminum, vinyl, painted or stained surfaces.
  • Degreaser

  • - Intense cleaning for tough jobs – Engine grease, driveway oil, construction sites, & farm equipment.
  • - Glycol Ether EB is an active agent in lifting grease and oil soils from surface.
  • Vehicle and Boat Wash

  • - Gentle wash for automotive finishes.
  • - Ideal for cleaning all cars, trucks, trailers, ATV’s, motorcycles, RV’s and boats
Part # Chemical Concentration Capacity
PK-17000060 House & Siding 4:1 Concentrate 2 Gallons
PK-17000062 Heavy Duty Degreaser 4:1 Concentrate 2 Gallons
PK-17000066 Car Wash 4:1 Concentrate 2 Gallons

Fluid Accessories

PUMP SAVER SOLUTION – Lubricates and conditions pump, seals, and extends pump life. – Protects your pump from freezing over the winter. **Shipped in case quantities of 12.

Valley Vantage Pump Saver Solution

Part# PK-85409041**
Volume 6 oz.


- Ideal for high pressure pumps. Not for engine use. – Non detergent and non foaming. – Specially formulated and rated for superior rust protection and oxidation protection. **Shipped in case quantities of 12.
Valley Vantage Pump Oil

Part# PK-85490000**
Volume 1 Liter


Washer Frame Mounted Wire Soap Holder

- Prevents spilling of cleaning solutions. – Easily mounts to all pressure washer frames. – Carries a 1 gallon jug.

Part# PK-85601010
Weight 1.15 lbs

Washer Frame Mounted Wire Soap Holder Washer Frame Mounted Wire Soap Holder

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